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Bubble Guppies Coloring Pages – Print and Color Art

Dive into a sea of fun with our Bubble Guppies Coloring Pages! This collection of free Bubble Guppies coloring pages for kids features all your favorite characters from the show. From Goby’s cool style to Molly’s lively personality, there are endless opportunities to unleash your creativity. Print and color these pages to bring the vibrant underwater world of Bubble Guppies to life!

Key Takeaways:

  • Enjoy the underwater adventures of Bubble Guppies with our printable coloring pages.
  • Unleash your creativity by adding color to your favorite Bubble Guppies characters.
  • Print and color these pages to create your own vibrant underwater world.
  • Have fun exploring the unique personalities of Goby, Molly, Bubble Puppy, Oona, Zooli, and more.
  • Express your individuality and create unique looks for your favorite Bubble Guppies characters.

Meet Goby – A Cool Underwater Character

Goby, one of the Bubble Guppies characters, is known for his cool style. In this coloring page, he is seen wearing sunglasses, which add an extra touch to his underwater look. Use your favorite colors to bring out the details of Goby’s character and create a unique and vibrant image. With this free printable coloring page, kids can explore their creativity and have fun coloring Goby.

Goby’s vibrant personality shines through in this coloring page, giving kids the opportunity to express their artistic skills. Whether they choose to stick to the traditional colors or mix it up with bold and imaginative choices, coloring Goby is a fun and engaging activity that allows kids to bring their own touch of creativity to the underwater world of Bubble Guppies.

Get ready to dive into Goby’s cool underwater world by printing out this free coloring page and letting your imagination run wild. Whether you’re a fan of Bubble Guppies or just love coloring, Goby’s coloring page is sure to bring hours of entertainment to kids of all ages. So grab your favorite coloring tools and get ready to make Goby come to life with vibrant colors!

Dive into Fun with Molly – The Joyful Mermaid

Molly, the joyful mermaid, is a beloved character from Bubble Guppies. In this coloring page, Molly is shown singing surrounded by bubbles, showcasing her cheerful personality. Use your favorite colors to bring Molly to life and create a beautiful underwater scene. This coloring page is perfect for kids of all ages, allowing them to immerse themselves in the world of Bubble Guppies and express their creativity.

bubble guppies coloring pages online

Let your imagination swim as you color Molly’s vibrant tail, seashell crown, and her flowing hair in shades of blues, pinks, and purples. You can also make the bubbles shimmer and shine with bright and bold colors. With each stroke of your coloring utensil, you can bring out the joy and happiness that Molly represents.

Whether you prefer crayons, colored pencils, or markers, this coloring page is a fantastic way to engage in a fun and creative activity. It’s not just about coloring; it’s about diving into an underwater world of imagination and adventure with Molly and the Bubble Guppies. Let your artistic skills shine through as you color Molly, and create a masterpiece that reflects your own unique style!

Bubble Puppy – The Adorable Doggy Character

Introducing Bubble Puppy, the lovable doggy character from Bubble Guppies. Bubble Puppy is known for his playful nature and his adorable appearance. In this coloring page, children can bring Bubble Puppy to life by coloring him with their favorite shades and patterns.

Children can use their creativity to decide on Bubble Puppy’s fur color, whether it’s a classic white or something more unique like pink or purple. They can also experiment with different color combinations for Bubble Puppy’s orange spots, giving him a one-of-a-kind look.

By coloring this Bubble Puppy coloring page, children can express their imagination and have a fun-filled coloring experience. It’s a great activity for kids who love dogs and enjoy bringing characters to life with colors!

Benefits of Coloring Bubble Puppy:
1. Enhances creativity: Coloring Bubble Puppy allows children to explore their creativity by choosing colors and patterns for his fur and spots.
2. Improves focus and concentration: Coloring requires focus and attention to detail, helping children improve their concentration skills.
3. Encourages self-expression: Coloring Bubble Puppy gives children the opportunity to express themselves through art and color choices.
4. Promotes relaxation: Coloring can be a calming activity that helps children relax and unwind.
5. Develops fine motor skills: Coloring Bubble Puppy helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Join Bubble Puppy on an exciting coloring adventure and let your creativity shine with this printable coloring page!

Oona – The Sweet Mermaid with a Kind Heart

Meet Oona, the sweet and lovable mermaid character from Bubble Guppies. With her flowing hair and a gorgeous seashell necklace, Oona captures the hearts of kids everywhere. In this coloring page, kids can bring Oona’s underwater adventures to life by adding their favorite colors to her enchanting world.

bubble guppies coloring pages for kids

Let your imagination soar as you color Oona’s purple tail, creating a beautiful contrast against the vibrant coral reef backdrop. Bring out the magic of her hair by coloring it with dazzling shades of blue and green. And don’t forget to make the bubbles around her shine with neon colors, adding an extra touch of whimsy to the scene.

Whether you’re a budding artist or simply love coloring, this Oona coloring page is perfect for kids who enjoy imaginative and colorful activities. Join Oona on her underwater adventures by bringing this page to life with your creativity!

Coloring Tips:

  • Use shades of purple and pink to make Oona’s tail come alive.
  • Experiment with different shades of blue and green for a captivating hair color.
  • Make the bubbles glow with neon colors for a magical touch.
  • Add details to the seashell necklace using metallic or glittery pens.


“Coloring Oona is like diving into an underwater wonderland. Let your creativity flow and bring her vibrant world to life!” – Bubble Guppies Fan

Table: Colors for Oona’s Tail

Color Description
Purple A vibrant shade for Oona’s tail
Pink Add a touch of sweetness to her underwater look
Lilac Create a soft and magical feel

Zooli’s Unique Design – A Tricky Coloring Challenge

Zooli, the newest character in Bubble Guppies, has a unique design on her outfit. In this coloring page, kids can challenge themselves to color in the intricate swirling pattern on Zooli’s clothing. With some patience and colored pens, kids can bring this beautiful design to life. This coloring page offers a fun and engaging coloring challenge for kids who enjoy detailed coloring activities.

bubble guppies coloring sheets

Children will have a blast exploring their creativity and developing their fine motor skills while coloring in the intricate pattern on Zooli’s clothing. The detailed design provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to practice their coloring techniques and create a unique masterpiece. Whether they choose to use contrasting colors or stick to a harmonious palette, each finished coloring page will be a stunning display of their artistic abilities.

The challenging nature of this coloring page also encourages patience and focus. As kids color in the intricate pattern, they have the opportunity to develop their concentration skills and attention to detail. This activity can be a great way for children to practice mindfulness and engage in a calming and meditative activity.

Take on the Tricky Design

To tackle the intricate pattern on Zooli’s clothing, children can follow these steps:

  1. Start with the larger sections of the design, using bold and vibrant colors to bring them to life.
  2. Gradually work on the smaller details, using finer colored pens or pencils to carefully color within the lines.
  3. Experiment with different color combinations to create a visually striking and unique interpretation of Zooli’s design.
  4. Remember to take breaks as needed and enjoy the process of coloring the intricate pattern.

By following these steps, children can overcome the challenge of coloring Zooli’s complex design and take pride in their artistic accomplishment. This coloring page not only provides entertainment but also fosters creativity, focus, and attention to detail.

Create a Unique Look for Molly

Molly, one of the main characters in Bubble Guppies, has bright pink hair and light blue fins and clothing. This coloring page gives kids the opportunity to create a unique look for Molly by using their favorite colors. Whether they decide to stick to Molly’s usual appearance or experiment with different color combinations, this coloring page encourages kids to express their individuality and creativity.

With their imaginations as their guide, children can explore endless possibilities when coloring Molly’s vibrant hair and clothing. They can use shades of pink to make her hair even more eye-catching, or they can add a splash of unexpected color to her fins and clothes. By letting their creativity flow, kids can bring out their inner fashion designer and create a one-of-a-kind style for Molly.

Letting the colors flow on this page not only allows kids to personalize their own version of Molly, but it also helps to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As they carefully color within the lines, children can practice patience and attention to detail. This coloring activity provides a fun and engaging way for kids to express their artistic abilities and unleash their imagination.

Benefits of Coloring Molly:
Encourages creativity and self-expression
Develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
Allows children to personalize their artwork
Promotes patience and attention to detail

Unleash Your Creativity with Molly:

  • Use your favorite colors to give Molly a unique look
  • Experiment with different color combinations for her hair, fins, and clothes
  • Let your imagination run wild and create a one-of-a-kind style
  • Practice patience and attention to detail as you carefully color within the lines

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add your own personal touch to Molly’s appearance. The Bubble Guppies coloring pages provide a world of imaginative possibilities, allowing kids to bring their favorite characters to life in their own distinct way. So grab your coloring tools and let your creativity shine as you create a unique look for Molly!

bubble guppies coloring pages for toddlers

Gil’s Energetic Spirit – Colorful and Vibrant

Gil, with his winning smile and lightning-fast tail, is known for his energetic spirit in Bubble Guppies. In this coloring page, kids can use their favorite colors to bring this vibrant character to life. From his bright green hair to his bold stripes, Gil offers plenty of opportunities for kids to have fun with colors. Adding neon details to his eyes and vibrant bubbles all around completes this colorful and vibrant coloring page.

With our free printable Bubble Guppies coloring pages, toddlers can join Gil on his exciting underwater adventures. Coloring not only enhances their artistic skills, but also helps them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These coloring pages are ideal for toddlers as they feature simple designs and large areas to color, ensuring a fun and enjoyable coloring experience.

Our Bubble Guppies coloring pages are not only a great activity for toddlers, but they are also free to print. Simply click the print button, and let the coloring fun begin! Whether your child is a fan of Gil or any other Bubble Guppies character, these free printable coloring pages are guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. So grab your crayons, unleash your creativity, and dive into the colorful world of Bubble Guppies!


Are the Bubble Guppies coloring pages free to print and color?

Yes, all the Bubble Guppies coloring pages featured on our website are completely free to print and color.

Can kids of all ages enjoy coloring these pages?

Absolutely! The Bubble Guppies coloring pages are suitable for kids of all ages, allowing them to unleash their creativity and have fun coloring their favorite characters.

How can I bring the vibrant underwater world of Bubble Guppies to life?

Simply print out the coloring pages and use your favorite colors to bring the characters and their underwater world to life. Let your imagination run wild!

Is there a specific order in which the coloring pages should be colored?

No, you can color the pages in any order you like. Feel free to choose the character or scene that inspires you the most!

Can I use any coloring materials to color the pages?

Absolutely! You can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or any coloring materials you prefer to bring the Bubble Guppies coloring pages to life.

Can I use these coloring pages for classroom activities or parties?

Yes, the Bubble Guppies coloring pages are perfect for classroom activities, parties, or any gathering where kids can enjoy coloring and expressing their creativity.

Are there any other Bubble Guppies activities available?

Yes, in addition to coloring pages, you can find Bubble Guppies puzzles, games, and crafts on our website. Check them out for even more fun!

Can I share the printed coloring pages with friends and family?

Absolutely! Feel free to share the printed coloring pages with friends and family, so they can join in on the Bubble Guppies coloring fun!

Are there any tips for coloring the Bubble Guppies pages?

Let your imagination soar! Use a variety of colors, try different coloring techniques, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your artwork. Have fun!

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