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Little Mermaid Coloring Pages – Download Print Color Page

Welcome to an enchanting world of creativity with “The Little Mermaid” coloring pages awaiting your imagination. Refresh your childhood memories, or let the little ones make their own, with these beautiful color book art prints. Relive the adventures of Ariel and her friends, painting the underwater kingdom in the colors of your imagination with our collection of printable little mermaid coloring pages, all available for free download.

Our collection comprises diverse themes and characters straight from Disney’s classic movie. With Ariel in both her mermaid and human forms, playful Flounder, the majestic Triton’s Palace, beloved Sebastian, dashing Prince Eric, notorious Ursula, and many more, these fascinating scenes are waiting for your artistic vision. Grab your color pencils and dive right into Ariel’s miraculous undersea world!

Key Takeaways:

  • Our collection offers a variety of little mermaid coloring pages, encouraging creativity and imagination.
  • These pages are downloadable and printable, allowing you to start coloring whenever inspiration strikes.
  • The collection features prominent characters and settings from Disney’s classic movie – ‘The Little Mermaid’.
  • Diverse themes cater to different interests, making them suitable for both children and adults.
  • The coloring pages provide a fun, creative, and educational activity, promoting motor skills and concentration.

A Magical Dive: Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

Venture under the sea with a captivating selection of free little mermaid coloring sheets that are designed to capture the imagination of both young girls and fans of Disney’s underwater adventures. Bask in the magical dive into Ariel’s universe that these mermaid coloring pages for girls offer – a delightful pastime and an opportunity for children to fall in love with coloring and story-telling.

Every coloring page in this collection transports you back to the enigmatic world of Ariel, brimming with aquatic wonders and iconic characters from the Little Mermaid’s saga. Engaging in the little mermaid coloring activities not only offers an interactive and fun-filled experience but also introduces kids to the fascinating narrative of ‘The Little Mermaid’ in a unique, artistic way.

Coloring these iconic Little Mermaid scenes allow for a creative pause in the hyper-digital era, offering a quiet, contemplative activity that nurtures creativity, fine motor skills and cognitive development in aspiring artists and young learners, quite alike.

With these coloring sheets available for free, journeying into Ariel’s world is simple and accessible. Watch the scenes come alive as you fill them with your favorite colors, detailing every corner of Ariel’s underwater kingdom to your heart’s content. To help you embark on this creative endeavor, here’s a quick peek into what to find when exploring these free Little Mermaid coloring sheets:

Coloring Sheet Themes Character Appearances Fun Element
Underwater scenery Ariel in her mermaid form Flounder, Ariel’s fishy friend
Scenes from the palace King Triton, Ariel’s father Sebastian, the crab
Ariel and Prince Eric’s romantic moments Prince Eric Max, Prince Eric’s loyal dog
Exciting confrontations Ursula, the sea witch Eels, Flotsam and Jetsam

Armed with these delightful coloring pages, let your imagination dive into the heart of Ariel’s world, recreating the magic that has made the Little Mermaid a beloved character for generations.

Bringing Ariel to Life: Printable Coloring Sheets

Dive into the mesmerizing undersea world of Ariel, the adventurous and beloved protagonist of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. This section of our article focuses on the fascinating and printable little mermaid coloring pages that will engage little girls and fans of this captivating sea tale, enabling them to bring Ariel and her friends to life in their dazzling colors.

Printable Little Mermaid Coloring Sheets

Classic Ariel Poses

Featuring adorable and cute mermaid drawings to color, our first collection offers you the very essence of Ariel’s personality. From her amiable curiosity to her fiery rebellious spirit, various aspects of Ariel are incarnated in diverse poses. Is it Ariel contemplating a strange human artifact or Ariel excitedly exploring her underwater realm? It’s all up to you to decide how whimsical or bold Ariel’s world should be.

Under the Sea Adventures

The magic of Disney’s classic lies not only in distinct characters but also in the exciting adventures Ariel embarks upon. Our printable coloring pages let you, or your child, become part of Ariel’s journey. Capture her encounters with King Triton, her escapades with Flounder or confrontations with the notorious Ursula. Each page invites artists to color the tension and resonance underlying Ariel’s adventures.

Ariel & Friends

Ariel’s universe is incomplete without her charismatic companions. Our collection ensures full-fledged interaction and proximity to Ariel’s undersea friends like Sebastian and Prince Eric. The more you color, the more absorbed you become in the trials and friendships Ariel experiences. Recreate the magic of Ariel’s world and add a personal touch to each scene with your own palette.

Indulge in these creative sparks and watch as each color-filled page brings Ariel’s charming world one step closer to you!

Discover the Underwater Kingdom: Triton’s Palace and More

Immerse yourself in the artistic exploration of the underwater kingdom with our carefully crafted mermaid coloring book for kids. These coloring pages bring to life the stunning imagery of Triton’s Palace- a wondrous creation that stands as an architectural marvel in the aquatic world. Designed to pique the interest of young minds, these coloring activities transport them straight into the majestic residence of King Triton and his daughters.

little mermaid coloring activities

These coloring sheets are not just about the palace’s grandeur, but they also intricately weave the tale of the daily life and grand occasions within its stately walls. Kids and adults alike are invited to delve into this world of fantasy and royalty, coloring their way through the intricate layouts and enchanting characters that define this beloved realm of Ariel.

The wide array of choices in our coloring book extends beyond just the palace. It also encompasses scenes, moments, and characters that play a significant role in Ariel’s life. From underwater shenanigans with Flounder and Sebastian, to tussles with the sea witch Ursula, there is a chance to color and experience every pivotal moment in Ariel’s story.

“With the strokes of your colored pencils, bring to life the vibrancy and the emotions of Ariel’s underwater kingdom in our collection of digital mermaid art prints

Below is a table that showcases a sneak peek into the range of coloring choices and the diverse scenes available in our mermaid coloring book:

Coloring Page Associated Characters Complexity Level
Triton’s Palace King Triton, Ariel Intermediate
Ariel with Flounder Ariel, Flounder Beginner
Ursula’s Lair Ursula, Ariel Advanced

So, pick up your coloring tools and dive into an immersive artistic journey, exploring the magical underwater kingdom of Ariel’s world with our little mermaid coloring activities. It’s time to let your creativity flow and bring to life one of Disney’s most beloved realms!

Art of Coloring: Mermaid Pages for Creative Minds

The significant evolution of art has broadened the way we express our talents, particularly now with the advent of digital media. Traditional coloring along with digital mermaid art prints presents a unique playground for all art enthusiasts, making space for detailed character artwork that is always readily accessible and easy to handle. Catering both to digital enthusiasts and traditional artists, “The Little Mermaid” coloring pages are ideal for honing skills and showcasing creativity.

Digital Mermaid Art Prints

Digital Mermaid Art Prints

Digital art prints unlock a whole new level of precision and convenience for artists. These mermaid art prints have been tailored with detailed lines and contours. They allow colorists to infuse life into these characters through a wide spectrum of hues, using either digital tools or the good old coloring mediums. With the digital mermaid art prints, the intricate features of beloved characters like Ariel, her friends, her enemies, and her royal family can be viewed and colored with profound detail.

Detailed Character Artwork

How is the sultry diva Ursula different from our mermaid protagonist Ariel? Their personalities and their appearances. Mermaid coloring book for kids offers the chance to appreciate and express these differences through coloring. Each character in “The Little Mermaid” universe is unique and our detailed little mermaid coloring pages bring forth these unique traits. Whether it’s Ursula’s flamboyant hairstyle or Ariel’s delicate fins, as children navigate through these detailed differences, they are not just honing their coloring skills but also developing a keen eye for details.

Types Description
Digital Mermaid Art Prints Digital files with detailed lines and contours of Ariel, her friends, her enemies, and her royal family.
Detailed Character Artwork Multiple levels of detailed Little Mermaid coloring pages that highlight each character’s unique traits and features.

Hence, with the recreational, creative, and educative values attached, it’s worth diving deep into these coloring pages and embracing the detailed artwork they offer to the creative minds of all ages. Let’s keep the colors coming!

Princess Ariel: A Collection for Every Little Artist

Printable Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

In the mystical kingdom of art and creativity, Princess Ariel stands as a timeless symbol of imagination and adventure. A firm favorite among both children and adults, Ariel holds a unique charm that transcends generations, sparking an undying love for the iconic Disney character. Whether your mini artists fancy herself as Ariel twirling in her princess attire or courageously exploring the underwater kingdom, our mermaid coloring book for kids provides a vast canvas teeming with possibilities.

Every page of this coloring compilation does more than just introduce the characters; it offers a deep dive into the myriad scenes and episodes that mark Ariel’s fascinating journey under the sea. From the joyous moments of frivolity to the pulse-pounding instances of daring exploits, each printable sheet features a segment from Ariel’s saga that caters to varied interests and skill levels.

A coloring book renders every child an artist owning a magic wand whose spells bring Ariel’s world to life. Each stroke of color seeps into the fibre of the paper, igniting the scene with vibrancy, personality, and dynamism.

The coloring pages are not merely a series of outlines awaiting to be filled with hues. Instead, they serve as an extension of the child’s imagination—a creative space where they are the masters and Ariel’s world their canvas. From dreamy sea greens to royal purples, each color chosen by the child contributes to personalizing Ariel’s story, making it uniquely theirs.

  1. Imagination: The open-ended nature of Ariel’s coloring pages provides an open canvas for imagination to run wild. These coloring pages invite you on a creative journey, prompting children to shape Ariel’s everyday life according to their imagination.
  2. Expression: Each completed coloring page narrates a unique creative journey, thus turning each page into a personal masterpiece. An expression of their interpretation of Ariel’s life.
  3. Engagement: The act of coloring not only unchains creativity but also fosters fine motor skills and concentration. The detailing required on each page maintains a perfect blend of fun and focus, making the little mermaid coloring activities an engaging experience.

With our collection of printable little mermaid coloring pages, every child gets a chance to not only recreate Ariel’s journey but also build upon it. The completed pages stand as a testament to their creativity, expression, and love for the undersea princess.

Mermaid Coloring Book for Kids: An Ocean of Fun

Dive into an engaging ocean of fun with our mermaid coloring book for kids. Designed to entertain and educate kids of all ages, our coloring book offers a variety of images that cater to different skill levels. Beginners can enjoy easy-to-color images, featuring Ariel in different pleasant situations, while advanced colorists have more challenging scenes that capture the drama and excitement of “The Little Mermaid” story. The assortment of pages encourages children to develop their coloring skills progressively, transitioning from simple outlines to detailed scenes that depict the intricate underwater world and its lively inhabitants. This book is a treasure trove of joy and creativity!

mermaid coloring book for kids

Easy-to-Color Images

For budding artists and young colorists, there’s a spectrum of easy coloring page of Ariel for kids. These simpler pages predominantly feature Ariel along with her aquatic friends, each filled with broad and easy-to-color shapes. They focus on symbolic representations and stick to the basics, giving our young colorists an ample field to play with their brightest colors. Each page reinforces the primary concepts of shapes and colors, making each coloring session as educational as it is fun.

Challenging Scenes for Advanced Colorists

For the little artists who are looking for a compelling challenge, we offer a selection of complex and intricately designed coloring pages. These pages are loaded with plenty of little mermaid coloring activities, that not only push the artistic abilities of the colorist but also feed their imagination. Be it a perilous encounter with sea witches, a grand party at the Triton’s palace, or a simple day in the life of Ariel; every scene is detailed, offering enough challenge to keep the colorists engaged.

Here’s a brief overview of our mermaid coloring book for kids. Grab your coloring tools, and let’s make a splash!

Sections Coloring Difficulty Key Elements
Easy-to-Color Images Easy Ariel and Friends in simple setting
Challenging Scenes for Advanced Colorists Advanced Complex scenes from the “The Little Mermaid” story

The Joy of Coloring: Free Little Mermaid Sheets

Experience the joy of coloring without constraint with free little mermaid coloring sheets, inviting enthusiasts to print and color a wide range of scenes and characters. The availability of free resources provides an accessible entry point for anyone looking to engage with the cherished tale of Ariel, from seasoned colorists to those just discovering their passion for coloring.

Free Little Mermaid Coloring Sheets

These sheets are both an invitation and a chance to delve into the mesmerizing universe of “The Little Mermaid”. One can find a wide variety of illustrations, from enchanting undersea landscapes to cute mermaid drawings to color. This richness allows each colorist to explore their creativity while unwinding with Ariel’s calming, undersea world.

  • Digital mermaid art prints: These are perfect for more advanced colorists or those interested in trying out coloring digitally. The intricate designs offer detailed and visually striking renditions of Ariel and her fellow characters.
  • Classic depictions: Here, you’ll find Ariel in many of her iconic poses from the Disney classic, offering nostalgic images that invite colorists to reminisce and relax.
  • Scenes of adventure: These sheets capture some of Ariel’s most unforgettable moments and would serve well to inspire storytelling and promote an understanding of the character’s journey.

Whether coloring as a creative pastime, a therapeutic activity, or a storytelling exercise, these free coloring sheets serve as not just an artistic outlet, but also a journey into the rich narrative of “The Little Mermaid.”

In conclusion, take advantage of these complementary resources and kindle your love for art and storytelling. Happy coloring!

Cute Mermaid Drawings to Color: Adorable Art for Everyone

Delve into the charm and fantasy of the undersea world with our collection of cute mermaid drawings to color. These versatile illustrations encompass a spectrum of endearing mermaid art that appeals to colorists across different ages. Breathing life into these characters, teeming with charm, carries within its stride the joy of creation and imagination unbound.

cute mermaid drawings to color

Whether you’re a parent seeking a playful activity for your little one or an adult enthusiast who revels in coloring, our collection brings contentment to every artistic spirit. The variety in little mermaid coloring pages color book art print provides diverse options to choose from simple outlines for the little hands to complex compositions for those seeking a challenge.

Each illustration is drawn with utmost attention, ensuring that every stroke made by the colorist adds an irreplaceable touch to the enchanting narrative of undersea adventure. It’s not just a fun activity, but it’s also an appreciation of the endearing nature and captivating charm encapsulated in Disney’s beloved mermaid characters.

Mermaid color by number printable also forms a part of this fascinating array. Color by number is a great way for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners to recognize numbers while also developing a keen sense of color shades. Witness the delight in their eyes as they apply colors to their number-marked drawings and unravel a pretty mermaid staring back at them!

In essence, the joy of coloring knows no age bounds. So, pick up your coloring tools, awaken your creativity, and set off on your artistic journey with these adorable pages!

Mermaid Color by Number: Educational and Entertaining

In the dynamic world of coloring activities, mermaid color by number printable sheets stand out as rewarding recreational pastimes, unlocking a treasure chest of educational benefits. Merging coloring joy with the cognitive essentials of number recognition and rules adherence, these unique little mermaid coloring activities offer more than just an artistic pass-time.

Mermaid Color-by-Number Printable

Aimed at learners across a spectrum of skill levels, these interactive exercises promote the honing of fine motor skills, attention to detail, and focus. Children and beginners color the illustrations by matching numbered sections on the sheet with the corresponding colored codes. This methodical approach culminates into vivid, lively images of Ariel and her enchanting undersea world, testifying to the inherent creativity and diligence of the colorist.

Benefits Description
Motor Skills Development By continuously matching colors to numbers, the learners enhance their hand-eye coordination and develop precision.
Cognitive Skills Enhancement The process helps children distinguish between different numbers and colors, thereby stimulating their cognitive abilities.
Artistic Expression The finished color-by-number images serve as testaments of the colorists’ artistic expression and interpretative skills.

Free little mermaid coloring sheets, especially the color-by-number ones, open a world of opportunities for young learners. They set a solid foundation for their artistic exploration while being a stepping stone to higher-level, intricate coloring tasks.

Lively Mermaid Coloring Pages for Girls

Geared towards the interests and imaginations of young ladies, an array of lively mermaid coloring pages for girls are available. These delightful sheets not only offer vibrant scenes straight from Ariel’s underwater universe but also provide a platform for girls to express their creativity and ignite their interest in fashion and storytelling. The attractive compilation varies from high-fashion depictions to emotional interactions, enthralling the colorists with the elegance and drama of Ariel’s life under the sea. Noticed already, how the mermaid coloring book for kids and the little mermaid coloring activities can keep the children occupied and entertained while fostering a love for art, style, and narrative?

mermaid coloring pages for girls

Ariel’s Fashion Moments

Ariel’s wardrobe is a treasure trove for any budding fashionista. From her classic mermaid outfit to the stunning dresses she wears when she transforms into a human, these coloring pages shine a spotlight on Ariel’s various fashion moments. As each page comes to life with the stroke of a colored pencil, the young artist gets a taste of fashion design, exploring various color combinations to dress up Ariel in her underwater and above-the-sea wardrobe.

Mermaid Friends and Foes

Besides the fashion-forward Ariel, the series also introduces a plethora of other fascinating characters from the movie. Coloring pages featuring Ariel’s interactions with mermaid friends and foes help the kids better understand the storyline while adding a dramatic element to their coloring experience. As they fill colors in the friendly Flounder and the villainous Ursula, girls get to flex their creative muscles, bringing their favorite scenes to life in their own unique way.

“The sea is full of vibrant colors, and so should be your coloring page!”

In conclusion, color, create, inspire – that’s the essence of these exciting mermaid coloring pages for girls. So, why wait? Let’s dive in and start coloring to enact underwater tales and fashion stories. Happy coloring!

The Little Mermaid’s World: From Movies to Coloring Pages

Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

Relive the classic Disney tale of “The Little Mermaid” in a tangible, interactive form. Our collection of printable little mermaid coloring pages provide fans of all ages an opportunity to color their favorite characters, scenes, and moments from the franchise.

The magical transformation of these popular digital mermaid art prints into engaging color book art print invites you to step into Ariel’s enchanting world, experiencing the journey from the 1989 animated feature, inspired by the Danish fairy tale, through to the modern live-action adaptations, including the upcoming 2023 film starring Halle Bailey.

Immerse yourself in the coloring process, diving into your own creativity. Imagine the vigor of King Triton, the mischief of Ursula, the courage of Prince Eric and most importantly, the strong-willed and determined Ariel, and express them through a spectrum of colors.

“Every character tells a story, and every color you choose brings that story to life. Experience The Little Mermaid’s adventure anew, in each stroke and shade.”

So, it’s time to pick your colors and launch on a fantastical journey under the sea with our little mermaid coloring pages color book art print.

Below is a table showcasing some of the popular characters featured in our collection:

Character Quick Description
Ariel The film’s audacious and curious protagonist
King Triton The mighty ruler of the undersea kingdom and Ariel’s father
Prince Eric Ariel’s handsome love interest
Ursula The manipulative and cunning sea witch

All that’s left now is for you to unleash your creativity and embark on this magical journey, recreating your very own Little Mermaid adventure. Happy coloring!

Mega Pokemon Coloring Pages: The Ultimate Collection

mega pokemon coloring pages

Stepping away from the fantastical undersea universe with free little mermaid coloring sheets, we dive into a markedly different realm with a unique appeal – the rich and vibrant world of Pokemon. This brings us to an exciting collection of mega pokemon coloring pages, a selection that promises a thrill for fans of this globally popular franchise.

As a completely distinct genre from printable little mermaid coloring pages, Pokemon themed coloring sheets permeate with a universal charm of bringing favorite characters to life through art. The collection puts a spotlight on Mega Pokemon, allowing enthusiasts to recreate the dynamism and energy of these powerful creatures themselves.

With each turn of a page, we tap into the thrilling world of Pokemon and its adventurous spirit. Admirers get the chance to showcase their artistic skills while simultaneously celebrating their passion for this well-loved universe.

Let’s have a closer look at some examples of these vibrant illustrations.

Mega Pokemon Description
Mega Charizard X An impressively detailed design, it’s perfect for older colorists to experiment with shades and gradients.
Mega Venusaur A fun offer for young artists, this sheet demands a creative usage of green hues.
Mega Blastoise A demanding, detailed portrayal that offers an interesting challenge for dedicated colorists.

So whether you’re a seasoned Pokemon trainer or a newbie getting a taste of the Pokemon world, these mega pokemon coloring pages are sure to provide countless hours of artistic fun.


In wrapping up, Little Mermaid coloring pages present a vast range of creative, entertaining, and educational opportunities that benefit children, collectors, and artists. These coloring sheets go beyond mere entertainment; they nurture creativity, enhance motor skills and offer a tranquil retreat into the captivating universe of Disney’s beloved classics.

From the well-known moments of Ariel and her fellow characters to the expansive and intricate underwater realm, there’s a coloring page to match every taste and skill level. Whether you’re on the hunt for straightforward drawings or detailed digital art prints, the world of “The Little Mermaid” coloring offers an ocean of potential for anyone eager to command their crayons and delve into the artistic profundity of this classic Disney favorite.

This comprehensive mermaid coloring book for kids, inclusive of Ariel and her vibrant under-the-sea kingdom, invites everyone to join in the coloring fun. As showcased throughout this article, there’s a myriad of pages ranging from charming yet simplistic artwork to elaborate and intricate designs. So, ready your coloring tools and embark on this enchanted journey to a world where imagination knows no bounds.

So, now gear yourself and explore our comprehensive collection of free little mermaid coloring sheets. There’s something magical about coloring; it not only is a path to express creativity but also a refreshing escape into the world of picturesque underwater grandeur that continues to amuse and inspire.


Where can I download free Little Mermaid coloring pages?

Here on our site, we offer free, downloadable PDFs of a vast collection of Little Mermaid coloring pages, including Ariel and her friends like Flounder and Sebastian, as well as scenes from the movie.

What are some good Little Mermaid coloring activities for girls?

We provide coloring pages that capture iconic scenes and characters from “The Little Mermaid”. Additionally, we highlight Ariel’s fashion moments for fashion enthusiasts and we also offer cute mermaid drawings to color.

Can I find digital mermaid art prints for coloring?

Yes, our collection includes digital mermaid art prints designed for those who prefer the precision and convenience of digital coloring. However, these prints can also be enjoyed traditionally with crayons or colored pencils.

Do you have a mermaid coloring book for kids?

Our collection is designed to cater to the needs of young artists of all skill levels, akin to a digital mermaid coloring book. It features simple drawings for beginners as well as detailed scenes for more advanced kids.

Are the coloring pages printable?

Yes, all the coloring pages can be downloaded and printed as many times as you want, for free. They are formatted to fit standard US letter size paper, but are also compatible with A4 paper sizes.

Are there any educational coloring activities available?

Yes, for learners at different stages, we offer “Mermaid Color by Numbers” that provides an educational and entertaining coloring option, combining the joy of coloring with number recognition and following instructions.

Can I find coloring pages of Ariel’s fashion moments?

Yes, our coloring pages have a special segment dedicated to Ariel’s fashion moments. From her iconic dresses to casual underwater attire, these pages inspire a love for fashion and creativity through coloring.

Do you offer any coloring pages outside of “The Little Mermaid”?

Absolutely! Beyond the underwater kingdom, we also offer an ultimate collection of mega Pokemon coloring pages to thrill fans of the popular franchise, providing an entirely different coloring experience.

Can I find cute mermaid drawings to color?

Certainly! We offer a range of adorable mermaid drawings that cater to colorists of all ages, adding a touch of whimsey and charm to any coloring session.

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