Coloring Pages

Imagine a world without coloring, how boring would that be? Now imagine that same world, but you had the opportunity to color it in any way you like! That's exactly what you will find through the content available for download through Original Coloring Pages. We've created hundreds of free coloring pages for download and print -- while also promising to never have any associated costs, fees or purchases in the process.

Click through our selection of free coloring pages below and start coloring in animals, people, trucks, super heroes, cartoon characters, imaginary dragons, princess, kings and much more. ​

Celebrity Coloring Pages

Ariana Grande - Barack Obama - Beyonce - Britney Spears - Bruce Springsteen - Christiano Ronaldo - Demi Lovato - Donald Trump - Dwayne Johnson - Howard Stern - Jackie Chan - Justin Bieber - Justin Timberlake - Katy Perry - Kevin Hart - Kim Kardashian - Lady Gaga - Lebron James - Mariah Carey - Matt Damon - Nicki Minaj - Rihanna - Selena Gomez - Stephen Curry - Taylor Swift

Fruit and Food Coloring Pages

Apple - Avocado - Banana - Corn - Pineapple - Watermelon - Orange - Brocolli - Pizza - Potato - Donut - Cheeseburger

New Coloring Pages

Female World Explorer - Male World Explorer - Happy Kids - Farmer - Kids Playing Instruments - Police Officer - Kids and Animals Playing - Male Lifeguard - Foxy the Fox - Ocean Fish and Jellyfish - Insect Bees - Tiger Characters - Cow Character - Easter Bunny - Mermaids and Unicorns - Sun - Jackolantern - Heart - Snow Yeti - Ninja Animals - Dinosaurs - Space Aliens - Fairy Tales - Forest Creatures - Brain - Trucks and Tractors

Animal Coloring Pages

Tweet Bird - Snails - Turkey - Lemur - Duck - Zebra - Vulture - Skunk - Gorilla - Elephant - Squirrel - Lion - Rhinoceros

Coming Soon Coloring Pages

Plants vs Zombies - Shopkins - Harry Potter - Frozen - Mickey Mouse - Sonic - Roblox - Transformer - American Girl Doll - Cat in the Hat - Baby Shark - Pusheen - Fortnite - LOL

Coloring Pages for Kids, Teachers, and Adults

Original Coloring Pages has created hundreds of free coloring pages for kids, parents, teachers, students and individuals of all ages. Be sure to look through our massive collection and also feel free to contact us with any new coloring pages you'd like to see added to the site. As parents, feel free to download as many pages as you like, then print them out at home and let your kids spends hours of coloring, while also creating mindfulness and getting creative in the process. Our website is also being used by thousands of teachers across the country who are saving hundreds of dollars by simply printing out coloring pages from our site and giving them to their students for free. This is exactly why we created this site and we'd love to hear from you as well.

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