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Aladdin Coloring Pages – Download Print Color Page

If you’re ready for a magical journey through Agrabah and beyond, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to our collection of Aladdin coloring pages, a treasure trove of creativity waiting to be explored. This exciting array of Aladdin printable coloring pages features all your favourite characters from Disney’s beloved classic, Aladdin. From the adventurous Aladdin, the beautiful Princess Jasmine, the cunning Jafar, to the unforgettable Genie, you’ll find them all within the pages of this virtual coloring gallery. Each coloring page is ready for you to download, print and color at your leisure.

Every one of the Aladdin coloring sheets is designed to entertain and inspire the creativity in every artist, young and old. Whether decorating your room with colorful prints of Agrabah’s enchanting cityscape or bringing a unique touch to a birthday party, these coloring pages will undoubtedly do the trick. So, let’s download Aladdin coloring pages and start this mesmerizing artistic journey today!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore a wide range of Aladdin coloring pages featuring your favorite characters.
  • Each Aladdin printable coloring page is ready for you to download, print, and color at your leisure.
  • Find a variety of Aladdin coloring sheets suitable for artists of all ages.
  • Download Aladdin coloring pages and start your magical journey through Agrabah.
  • Use your colored pages to decorate your room or bring a unique touch to a party.

Embarking on a Magical Journey with Aladdin Coloring Pages

Do you remember the magic and wonder of Disney’s Aladdin? The breathtaking journey through Agrabah, the enchanting love story of Aladdin and Jasmine, and, of course, the incredible Genie. With Aladdin coloring pages, you can experience that fascination all over again. These coloring pages are not just a fun pastime—they’re an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Disney’s classic masterpiece.

Our collection of Aladdin coloring book pages allows young artists to bring their favorite characters to life. Imagine Jasmine’s vibrant outfits in the colors of your choice, or create your version of the mesmerizing Magic Lamp—all with the power of your creativity.

“The only limit is your imagination, and the results are as unique as the artists themselves.”

Children and adults alike can find joy and relaxation within the lines of an Aladdin art print, creating vibrant, personalized masterpieces. Whether you’re an aspiring artist exploring your skills or a lifelong fan of Aladdin, our coloring pages offer endless opportunities for entertainment and creativity.

Coloring Page Description
Magic Carpet and Aladdin Agile Aladdin rides the Magic Carpet, soaring high above the twinkling lights of Agrabah
Jasmine and Rajah Princess Jasmine sharing a quiet moment with her loyal tiger Rajah
Genie’s Magic The charismatic Genie bursts from the Magic Lamp, ready to grant Aladdin’s three wishes

Art is a fantastic way to express yourself, and our Aladdin coloring pages are your canvas. So grab your art supplies, download your favorite pages, and wonder, excitement, and color await!

A World of Creativity with Aladdin Printable Coloring Pages

Engaging, dynamic, and oozing with creativity, the Aladdin printable coloring pages open up a world of magical arts and crafts for your little ones. These pages go beyond the simple joys of coloring, providing a platform for kids to unleash their imagination and creativity. Be it a birthday party or a quiet afternoon at home, these sheets are a perfect way to keep your child entertained.

aladdin coloring sheets

Perfect for Kids’ Birthday Parties and Activities

What’s a great way to add an Aladdin twist to your child’s birthday? It’s quite simple – bring in Aladdin coloring sheets! Offering a fun-filled activity for the young party-goers, these pages allow each child to create their own take on favorite Aladdin characters and scenes. Their colorful masterpieces can also double up as party favors!

Incorporating Aladdin Characters into Scrapbooking

Love scrapbooking? Well, here’s a unique idea – why don’t you include the enchanting world of Aladdin in your scrapbook entries? Aladdin coloring pages provide an array of beautifully illustrated images, ready to be colored and adhered in your scrapbook. From Aladdin riding the magic carpet to him encountering the treasures, these picturesque scenes add a vibrant charm to any scrapbook page. Plus, they are a delightful keepsake for every Aladdin coloring book aficionado.

Captivating Aladdin Coloring Sheets for Aspiring Artists

Aspiring artists, get ready for an enchanting adventure down the streets of Agrabah, with your favorite Aladdin characters. With our wide collection of Aladdin coloring sheets, immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Disney’s Aladdin.

aladdin coloring sheets

Aladdin and Jasmine’s Enchanted Tale Brought to Life

Embark on a magical journey and bring to life the enduring love story of Aladdin and Jasmine. From their first encounter in the market to their romantic magic carpet ride across Agrabah, our Aladdin drawings provide a unique outlet to relive their enchanted tale. Brush strokes of colors will turn these drawings into beautiful pieces of art, narrating the whimsical tale of two lovable characters.

From Rajah to Abu: Various Characters to Color

Get the best of both worlds by coloring a multitude of characters from the Aladdin movie. Ranging from the Tiger Rajah, Jasmine’s pet, to Aladdin’s loyal monkey sidekick Abu, these versatile Aladdin coloring pictures are sure to incite excitement and enthusiasm. Activities include coloring your favorite characters, comparing finished works, and even creating unique storylines.

Character Description
Aladdin The ‘diamond in the rough’ and the beloved protagonist of the movie.
Jasmine The strong-willed and independent princess of Agrabah, who yearns for a life outside the palace.
Rajah Jasmine’s loyal pet tiger and protector.
Abu Aladdin’s cheeky monkey sidekick, known for his love of shiny objects.

Ignite your creativity and artistic talent as you navigate through the vivid and delightful world of Aladdin. So, let’s set on this fantastic journey of coloring and transforming the magical experiences of these characters into a visual delight.

Free Aladdin Coloring Pages for Hours of Fun

Aladdin Coloring Pictures

With the magical world of Aladdin at your fingertips, children can experience hours of creative fun with our Aladdin coloring pages free collection. Perfect for rainy days, sunny afternoons or anytime in between, these pages offer an accessible and engaging activity for children of all ages.

Spotlighting key moments from the beloved narrative, our collection includes depictions of Aladdin’s awe-inspiring transformation into Prince Ali, and the Genie’s entertaining antics. Children can dive into these scenes, adding their unique color palettes, and imbuing these Aladdin coloring pictures with their vibrant imaginations.

Unlock a world of color, creativity, and Disney magic with these easily downloadable coloring pages.

Here is a snapshot of what our free Aladdin coloring pages feature:

Page Description
Aladdin A charismatic street rat who yearns for a more fulfilling life.
Princess Jasmine The beautiful, strong-willed daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah who dreams of exploring the world beyond palace walls.
Genie The entertaining and powerful genie, freed from his lamp and ready to inspire color and fun.
Jafar A crafty sorcerer who conceals his malice behind the facade of a royal vizier.
Abu Aladdin’s loyal and resourceful monkey companion, ever-ready for a new adventure.
Rajah Princess Jasmine’s fierce and protective tiger.
Magic Carpet An enchanting mode of transport, ready to take Aladdin and Jasmine on an immersive journey through the stars.

Each character provides a unique canvas for your child’s creativity. They can experiment with different colors, explore shading techniques, and truly bring these enchanting figures to life.

Immortalizing Disney Magic with Aladdin Color Book

Disney’s magic enchants us time and time again. The Aladdin color book is no exception, immortalizing the captivating tales of our favorite Agrabah hero. Revel in the vibrant sketches and varied scenes that truly showcase the adventures and characters of the Aladdin universe.

Aladdin Color Book

Vibrant Sketches of Aladdin’s Adventures

Whether it’s Aladdin’s thrilling escapades, Jasmine’s tantalizing beauty, or Genie’s enchanting whimsy, the Aladdin color book brings to life these memorable moments. Each page is akin to a canvas, waiting for kids to imprint their color choices and creativity, bringing life to the characters they adore.

Easily Accessible PDF Format for Downloading

Each Aladdin printable coloring page is provided in an easily downloadable PDF format. It’s only a click away, ready for you to print and embark on a coloring adventure. This accessibility allows children to bring home the exhilarating adventures of Aladdin anytime they desire.

Aladdin Color Book Features
Vibrant sketches of Aladdin’s adventures
Characters from the Aladdin universe
Easily downloadable images
PDF format for easy printing

Discover an Array of Aladdin Coloring Pictures

Fans of Aladdin are in for a treat with a diverse selection of aladdin coloring pictures, allowing them to immerse themselves in a fantastical world of adventure and magic, right from Jasmine’s time on the balcony to mischievous Abu in his monkey form. This vast range of aladdin drawings unlocks an enchanting realm that is ready to be painted with vibrant colors and imaginative designs.

aladdin coloring pictures

These unique aladdin coloring pictures open a window into the Aladdin tale, providing enthusiasts with a template to bring their favorite characters alive through colors. Unfold a brilliant spectacle from Aladdin’s adventures with his genie friend to the pompous Prince Ali’s royal processions, extending an exciting canvas for budding artists to express their creativity.

Coloring Scene Description
Jasmine on the Balcony A mesmerizing scene featuring Princess Jasmine gazing into the night from her balcony.
Aladdin with Genie A humorous sketch capturing the dynamic relationship between Aladdin and his powerful, yet endearing genie friend.
Monkey Abu An adorable depiction of Abu, Aladdin’s loyal monkey companion, in various amusing poses.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a passionate Aladdin fan, these easy-to-print pictures provide a perfect palette to explore your artistic abilities. Not only do they offer an engaging leisure activity but also serve as an excellent aladdin art print for your collection.

Aladdin Coloring Book: A Treasure Trove of Designs

Delve into the vast, artistic landscape of the Aladdin coloring book, a complete treasure trove of intricately designed Aladdin coloring pages. Infused with creativity and adventure, this trove invites aspiring artists and ardent fans alike to explore the vivid wonders of Agrabah and beyond.

Aladdin Coloring Pages

Explore the Wonders of Agrabah and Beyond

The pages of this meticulously crafted book open up a portal to Disney’s magical universe. From the bustling markets of Agrabah to the mesmerizing sight of the Magic Carpet soaring across the star-studded night sky, these coloring pages breathe life into Aladdin’s extraordinary world. The detailed Aladdin drawings will ignite the flames of imagination, providing a gratifying, creative experience unlike any other.

Children are not merely coloring a page; they’re journeying through a narrative, stringing together scenes, and crafting stories of their own.

Dive into Aladdin’s World with Genie, Jafar, and Friends

The journey continues as you encounter Aladdin’s delightful and sometimes mischievous companions. Pages adorned with Genie‘s whimsical poses, Jafar‘s sinister grin, and Abu‘s cheeky demeanor wait to be brought to life with the swift strokes of your coloring tools. As you color, you’re immersed in an engaging journey with the good, the evil, and everyone in between, evoking the thrill and the magic that makes Aladdin an enduring story.

Principal Characters Supporting Characters
Aladdin Abu
Jasmine Rajah
Genie Iago
Jafar The Sultan

Whether you’re a novice artist or a seasoned fan, the Aladdin coloring book offers a captivating adventure that transcends the boundaries of a traditional coloring book. It invites you to immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors, enchanting characters, and the unrivaled enchantment of Disney’s Aladdin, creating an unforgettable coloring journey.

Download and Print: Aladdin Coloring Pages Collection

Embark on a captivating journey with the Aladdin coloring pages collection, an assortment rich with scenes and characters from the iconic Disney movie. Packed inside this collection are numerous Aladdin printable coloring pages that serve as a portal into the mystical world of Aladdin. The beauty of these pages lies in their versatility. Whether you are a young admirer of Aladdin exploring your artistic capabilities or an old fan looking to reconnect with a cherished childhood movie, you’re sure to find something here to enjoy.

Aladdin Coloring Pages

Each coloring page is carefully curated, with the objective of fostering creativity and fun while staying true to Aladdin’s story. Character templates, intricate palace designs, and action-packed scenes – the collection holds an appealing variety, designed to suit different preferences.

Your own personal portal to Aladdin’s world is just a click away. All you need to do is download Aladdin coloring pages from the collection. With an easy printing option, you can immediately dive into a magical coloring experience.

The table below gives a quick glimpse of what waits in the Aladdin coloring pages collection:

Coloring Page Character/Scene Description
Aladdin and Jasmine on the Magic Carpet Capture the romance between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine during their infamous magic carpet ride
Genie and His Magic Lamp Animate the powerful yet humorous Genie with your colors as he emerges from his golden lamp
Sultan’s Palace Color away the boredom and recreate Agrabah’s glorious palace in all its grandeur
Aladdin with Abu Add life to Aladdin’s loyal companion, Abu, as they prepare for another adventure

Immerse yourselves in the vibrant world of Aladdin with this grand collection of Aladdin coloring pages. Enjoy the joy of coloring and let your imaginations take flight on a magic carpet ride. Let these downloadable coloring pages inspire endless creativity and fun, as you bring Aladdin’s world to life from the comforts of your own home.

Unleash Imagination with Aladdin Art Print

Fans of Aladdin can transform their colored pages into whimsical Aladdin art prints. These prints not only allow children and adults to showcase their finished works, but also add a touch of Disney magic and personal creativity to their environment. From themed parties and individual bedrooms to inspiring wall displays, the Aladdin color book offers endless opportunities for everyone to express their artistry.

Aladdin Art Print

Decorative Art for Themed Parties and Bedrooms

Aladdin art prints make for a unique decorative element. They often become the highlight of themed parties, as they create a vibrant and captivating atmosphere that transports everyone straight to the magical world of Agrabah. Beyond parties, these prints have also found a special place in many children’s bedrooms, serving as a delightful reminder of their coloring journey.

Inspiring Aladdin Sketch Art for Wall Displays

For those who prefer drawing, the Aladdin sketch art offers an inspiring and captivating option. When these sketches are colored and framed, they turn into stunning wall displays. These pieces not only reflect personal creativity but also bring a pop of color and excitement to any room. The art prints, result from such sketches, evoke beloved memories of the classic Disney tale.

Uses of Aladdin Art Print Description
Themed Parties Create a vibrant atmosphere of Agrabah with Aladdin themed art prints enhancing the decor.
Bedroom Decoration Hang individual Aladdin art pieces for a personal touch that brings joy and inspiration.
Wall Displays Showcase personal creativity with framed Aladdin sketch arts captivating visitors.

Transform Moments with Aladdin Drawings to Color

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the world of Aladdin as a creator, you’ll find your answer in Aladdin drawings to color. These sheets invite fans of the film to step into the artist’s role, wielding colors to bring beloved characters and scenes to life.

Aladdin coloring sheet

Coloring isn’t just for kids. It also offers a uniquely relaxing experience for adults. Applying color to an Aladdin sketch could transform an ordinary afternoon into a moment of creativity, reminiscence, and peace. In addition, as you add personal touches to Aladdin coloring sheets, you are also engaging in a form of mindfulness that can help reduce stress and cultivate a sense of inner calm.

To help you on your coloring journey, we’ve gathered a number of helpful tips. Here are some ways you can enjoy and maximize your coloring experience:

  1. Preselect your color palette: Before you start coloring, decide on a color scheme. This could be based on the original colors used in the film or your unique interpretation.
  2. Patiently layer your colors: Begin with lighter shades and gradually add darker ones for depth and contrast.
  3. Enjoy the process: Enjoy each stroke and shade. Remember, the process is just as significant as the outcome.
  4. Showcase your art: Once finished, you can display your colored art in a frame, or use it as decor in your home or at a themed party.

Whether you’re coloring by yourself or sharing the fun with kids, these charming Aladdin sketches are certain to provide an enjoyable and relaxing pastime. Happy coloring!

Coloring Tip Benefit
Choosing a Palette Improves decision-making and planning skills
Layering Colors Cultivates patience and attention to detail
Enjoying the Process Promotes mindfulness and relaxation
Displaying Artwork Boosts confidence and brightens up your space

Crafting Stories with Aladdin Coloring Book Pages

Every page of an Aladdin coloring book serves as an enchanting canvas that invites children and adults alike to engage in a world of color, creativity, and imagination. Whether it’s reimagining the adventurous exploits of Aladdin and Jasmine or indulging in the whimsical antics of Genie, these Aladdin coloring book pages offer an opportunity to reinterpret the timeless tales of this beloved Disney story in a personal, unique way.

aladdin coloring book pages

Aladdin and Jasmine Coloring Adventures

Bring the romantic odyssey of Aladdin and Jasmine to life with our range of richly detailed Aladdin coloring sheets. The spectacular scenery, the tender moments and the thrilling escapades of our two heroes have been intricately captured on every page, ready to be infused with your creative vision.

Genie’s Whimsical Poses to Color

The charismatic Genie, a central character of Aladdin’s journey, does not fail to leave his indelible mark throughout the Aladdin color book. His flamboyant poses and bigger-than-life expressions have been immortalized on multiple pages, waiting to be filled with vibrant hues that reflect his dynamic and jovial spirit.

The power of your imagination coupled with our exquisite Aladdin coloring book pages ensures crafting stories that add a dash of your personal flair to the magical world of Aladdin. So pick up your coloring tools and set off on an artistic journey of a lifetime!


In wrapping up, the mesmerizing world of Disney’s Aladdin offers unlimited potential for artistic creativity, allowing young artists and fans to actively engage with their favorite characters. Aladdin Coloring Pages stand as an indispensable tool to bring this classic tale to life right from your home.

Why Aladdin Coloring Pages Are a Must-Have for Fans

From iconic scenes to captivating characters, Aladdin printable coloring pages offer more than just a simple coloring exercise. They serve as a canvas for fans, enabling them to connect more deeply with the Aladdin tale and its memorable characters. Owning these pages isn’t just about having another coloring book, but it’s about possessing a piece of art that keeps the magic of Aladdin alive.

Endless Hours of Engagement and Artistic Expression

Aladdin coloring book provides an endless source of engagement and artistic expression for kids and adults alike. Whether you choose to create a stunning Aladdin art print to display or enjoy a serene moment coloring these elegantly crafted pages, it’s undeniable that the Aladdin Coloring Pages provide an invaluable artistic outlet. They offer not just hours, but a lifetime of entertainment, ensuring the timeless charm of Disney’s Aladdin continues to enchant generations to come.


What kind of Aladdin coloring pages are available?

We offer a plethora of Aladdin coloring pages featuring beloved characters such as Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Genie, Jafar, Abu, Rajah, and the Magic Carpet. These include scenes from the movie, and each coloring page comes in a downloadable and printable PDF format.

Can Aladdin coloring pages be used in children’s activities?

Yes, Aladdin coloring pages make a perfect addition to children’s activities, like birthday parties. They can also be used to create beautiful decorations and memorable scrapbook entries.

How do Aladdin coloring sheets cater to aspiring artists?

Aladdin coloring sheets offer a range of characters that allow children to delve deep into their artistic side. They can engage with their favorite moments from the Aladdin story and express their creativity through colors.

Are Aladdin coloring pages free to download?

Yes, our Aladdin coloring pages are available for free download. They are designed to provide hours of fun for children and easy accessibility at any moment of leisure or playtime.

What kind of sketches are available in the Aladdin color book?

The Aladdin color book offers vibrant sketches featuring adventures and characters from the Aladdin universe. It includes Aladdin’s transformation into Prince Ali and Genie’s magical antics, among others.

What types of Aladdin coloring pictures can I find?

Our Aladdin coloring pictures collection includes scenes and characters from the movie, such as Jasmine’s time on the balcony or Aladdin with his genie friend, and Abu in his monkey form.

Can I print out these Aladdin coloring pages?

Yes, Aladdin coloring pages are downloadable in PDF format that can be printed on standard US letter size and A4 paper, making coloring easy and convenient.

How can Aladdin art prints be used?

Aladdin art prints make unique decorative elements for themed parties, bedrooms, and wall displays. After coloring, they can be transformed into wall art, adding a personal and creative touch to any environment.

Are there specific Aladdin drawings to color?

Yes, we offer Aladdin drawings that individuals can color. These drawings provide an immersive experience into the artistry behind the characters and scenes of the classic Disney film.

Are Aladdin coloring book pages suitable for storytelling?

Yes, Aladdin coloring book pages indeed enhance the storytelling experience. The adventures of Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie’s whimsical poses offer opportunities for creating new narratives or revisiting the original ones.

Why are Aladdin coloring pages essential for fans?

Aladdin coloring pages provide fans with a way to engage with the story and characters in an expressive, creative manner. They are not only entertaining but also allow fans of all ages to celebrate the timeless appeal of one of Disney’s most enchanting tales.

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