Shopkins Coloring Pages

Shopkins are tiny characters that look like common, everyday items, and kids can’t get enough of them.  Many of these characters resemble food but others come in the form of clothing, school supplies, or even health & beauty items.

We are currently adding new Shopkins coloring pages to the site.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our most popular coloring pages below.

Shopkins Quiz

What company of toys makes Shopkins?

Answer: Moose

What finish is on season 4 ultra-rare Shopkins?

Answer: Choc Frosted

Which item is not a Shopkin: Spoon, Toilet, Plunger, Calculator?

Answer: Spoon

Which item is a Shopkin: Shovel, Teapot, Plate, Napkin?

Answer: Plate

What item is Toasty Pop?

Answer: Toaster

Interesting Facts About Shopkins

  • Shopkins was launched in 2014
  • Shopkins have won many awards
  • Shopkins recently became wearable
  • Celebrity kids are Shopkins fans
  • A special Shopkins character was auctioned for big money
  • The animal-faced Shopkins have a different name
  • The dot on top of the “I” in the Shopkins logo is a little gold coin


Popular Shopkins Coloring Pages on Amazon

  • Shopkins Ultimate Coloring & Activity Book: Give these Shopkins your own colors over 32 coloring pages, activities, and games. Add stickers and appreciate the two pull-out Shopkins posters inside.
  • Shopkins coloring book with washable stickers: Delight your Shopkins fans with this matching coloring book set with washable stickers and markers. 96-page full-size Shopkins. Full of activities, games, mazes, connect the dots, and much more.
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