princess and the frog coloring pages

Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages – Download Print Color Page

Dive headfirst into a world of magic and charm, with Princess and the Frog coloring pages. Offering 24 unique pages illustrating scenes and characters from the beloved Disney classic, each coloring page is a trip down the nostalgic lanes of childhood memories. Whether you’re on the lookout to rekindle your favorite Disney moments or seeking to introduce little ones to the whimsical tale, these coloring pages present the perfect solution.

Depict iconic characters like the determined Tiana, the charming frog Prince Naveen, the humorous Alligator Louis, and the deceptive Dr. Facilier, all sketched meticulously to bring out their unique features.

Our collection of princess and the frog color activities make an excellent pastime for kids and adults alike, letting them indulge in the creativity of adding color to these favorite Disney moments. What’s more, these high-resolution images in PDF format are just a click away from being downloaded and printed, and are suitable for standard US letter and A4 paper sizes.

Key Takeaways

  • 24 unique Princess and the Frog coloring pages available.
  • Features beloved characters from the Disney classic.
  • High-resolution images suitable for download and print.
  • Compatible with standard US letter and A4 paper sizes.
  • Perfect for indulging in nostalgic moments or introducing children to the tale.
  • An enjoyable and creative pastime for kids and adults alike.

Unleashing Creativity with Princess and the Frog Art Print

Delving into the charismatic world of Disney’s Princess and the Frog, brings to the fore a magnificent platform to cultivate creativity and imagination in the budding minds. Rich, expressive, and colorful, these Princess and the Frog coloring sheets serve as an excellent craft medium that not only reinforces the connection with the beloved characters but also introduces young artists to a vibrant palette of dreams and ambitions.

Why Princess Tiana Captures Imagination

Princess Tiana symbolizes far more than royalty alone. Her toe-tapping journey from her humble beginnings to achieving her dreams of having a restaurant provides an inspiring platform for budding artists. The assortment of characters and scenes offered in the Princess and the Frog coloring book serves as a perfect canvas to explore varied hues of creativity and imagination.

Embracing the Magic of Disney through Coloring

The beauty of art lies in its bespoke nature. Picking up the crayon to bring Tiana’s awe-inspiring journey alive in a princess and the frog color book extends an opportunity to connect children with the narrative’s deeper themes of courage and perseverance in a playful and engaging way.

Coloring Books Themes
Princess and the Frog Routine Scenes Depicts Tiana’s everyday life and her struggle through hurdles
Princess and the Frog Climactic Scenes Unravels Tiana’s transformation and achievement of her dreams
Princess and the Frog Friendship and Adventures Highlights the fun, camaraderie, and adventures of Tiana and her friends

Dive into the Magical Realm with Free Printable Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages

Welcome to an enchanting world filled with music, mystery, and colorful characters – all from the comfort of your home. Our free printable Princess and the Frog coloring pages let children immerse themselves in the magic of Disney’s beloved tale, introducing them to the vibrant culture of New Orleans, the captivating realms of jazz, and the timeless themes woven into the intricate storyline.

Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages

Featuring a variety of scenes and characters, these coloring pages engage young minds, invoking a sense of nostalgia associated with screen to color adventures of Tiana, Prince Naveen, and their quirky friends. The pages offer a wonderful blend of relaxation, concentration, and creativity, providing children with a fun-filled activity that also nurtures their appreciation for art and storytelling.

Apart from being fun, coloring also promotes numerous benefits, such as improved motor skills, enhanced concentration, and increased color recognition. So, why wait? Download our Princess and the Frog art print and let your child’s creativity unfold.

Coloring Page Description
Tiana and Prince Naveen A scene depicting the star-crossed lovers in their frog form, sharing an intimate moment against a backdrop of a vibrant bayou.
Tiana in her waitress uniform Highlighting Tiana’s hardworking nature, this page features her in her waitress outfit, serving customers at the restaurant.
Dr. Facilier and his shadow This sinister scene captures the mischief of the charismatic witch doctor, showing him plotting with his shadowy counterpart.
Alligator Louis playing the trumpet Bringing the lively spirit of New Orleans jazz, this page showcases Louis, the jazz-loving alligator, immersed in a soulful trumpet performance.

With these diverse, high-quality coloring pages, you can introduce your child to the charming world of the Princess and the Frog, fostering an appreciation for this timeless story while helping them develop essential cognitive and motor skills. So, let the coloring adventure begin!

Princess and the Frog Coloring Sheets: A Canvas for Young Artists

Princess and the Frog coloring sheets offer a vibrant canvas for children to embark on an artistic journey. From simple outlines, they can create detailed, story-telling masterpieces. As they add layers of color to these rich illustrations, children explore the enchanting world of Princess Tiana and her friends.

In coloring, children develop several invaluable skills. They refine their fine motor skills while grasping coloring tools. By experimenting with different hues and contrasts, they learn to recognize and coordinate color palettes. As they engage with the same stories portrayed in the Princess and the Frog coloring book, they foster a deeper appreciation for storytelling.

Princess and the Frog coloring sheets

The act of coloring helps bring the fantastical world of the Princess and the Frog off the page and into the imaginations of children. Each sheet invites them to reimagine their favorite scenes in the hues that resonate with them, essentially becoming a part of the story’s creative process.

  • Children are encouraged to play with both light and dark shades, as well as blend colors to capture the essence of iconic characters and scenes.

  • Experimentation with different styles—solid fill, shading, or dot coloring—also enhances the personal touch that each young artist brings to their work.

Simultaneously, the process of coloring serves as a calming activity, allowing children to engage in mindful relaxation while channelling their creativity through each stroke of the coloring pencil.

To sum up, Princess and the Frog coloring sheets serve as an interactive extension of the magical universe, enabling young artists to nurture their talents and make the most of their artistic exploration.

Popular Scenes: Princess Tiana and the Tasteful Art of Coloring

Unleash your imagination and bring to life iconic moments from Disney’s classic, Princess and the Frog, with our wonderful collection of coloring pages and prints. Revel in the romance and adventure as you add your personal touches to well-loved scenes from the film.

Princess and the Frog Coloring Pictures Collection

Tiana and Naveen’s Starlit Dance

One highlight of the numerous Princess and the Frog coloring pages is the starlit dance between Tiana and Prince Naveen. This enchanting scene, filled with romance and magic, invites young artists to infuse their creativity into defining the brilliant starlit scene and the characters’ intricate costumes.

Dr. Facilier’s Mischievous Charm

Apart from the lead characters, the princess and the frog art print collection also includes pages featuring the amusing yet ominous villain, Dr. Facilier. His sly grin and flamboyant style make for an engaging coloring experience, guaranteed to captivate and thrill budding artists.

These scenes are just a fraction of what awaits in the collection of princess and the frog coloring pictures. The adventurous journey of coloring these pages allows fans not only to revisit their favorite moments from the classic movie but also infuse each scene with their individuality.

Coloring Page Description Artistic Considerations
Starlit Dance Tiana and Naveen’s magical dance under the stars Experiment with shimmering silver and gold for the stars, deep blues for the night sky, and pleasant pastels for Tiana and Naveen’s outfits
Dr. Facilier The charismatic and crafty villain crafting one of his spells Play with shades of purple and black for Facilier’s outfit and green and yellow for his eerie potions

Whether it’s recreating the warm glow of the starlit dance or the peculiar charm of Dr. Facilier, each Princess and the Frog coloring page presents a unique opportunity to relive the magic.

Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages: Download and Transform into Masterpieces

Art enthusiasts, now is your chance to bring the enchanting landscapes and characters of Disney’s Princess and the Frog to life. Offering an enticing collection of Princess and the Frog coloring pages, this section provides an avenue for you to download, print, and color your preferred pieces.

Princess and the Frog Coloring Page

Transform these high-resolution pages into your personal art masterpieces, all from the comfort of your home. Accessible at the click of a button, these coloring pages cater to all—from young children exploring their artistic sides to grown-ups seeking a therapeutic color session. Each image offers a captivating vignette for you to recreate perfect for nurturing the artist within.

“Colors speak louder than words. They speak all languages, and they express all feelings. Dive into this colorful adventure and explore the soul of the story without saying a word.”

The seemingly blank outlines are teeming with potential as children shape their Princess and the Frog coloring book based on their imagination. With every stroke of the crayon or brush of paint, the magic unfolds, unveiling the tale of Tiana, Naveen, and their quirky companions in a new light.

Apart from just the fun element, this activity helps children develop their motor skills, widens their color recognition, and encourages artistic independence and creativity—one Princess and the Frog coloring sheet at a time. So why wait? Download these pages and experience the blissful joy of color filling.

Iconic Characters from Princess and the Frog to Color

Experience the thrill of personalizing your own version of The Princess and the Frog. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Tiana and her companions, and let their stories unfold under your creative touch. Grab your colored pencils, markers, or watercolors to explore these printable princess and the frog coloring pages, offering a unique chance to interact with the story beyond the screen.

princess and the frog coloring pictures

Royalty and Romance: Tiana in Her Gowns

As the emblem of hard work, determination, and dreams, Princess Tiana is a character that captures hearts. Her transformation from an aspiring restauranteur to a royal figure is truly inspiring. With our printable coloring pages, you can recreate the elegance and beauty of Tiana in her different gowns, capturing her strength and nobility in a flurry of colors.

The Enchantment of Prince Naveen in Frog Form

Prince Naveen’s larger-than-life personality and his charming frog form add a dash of whimsy to the story. With our detailed coloring pages, you have the opportunity to color this enchanting character in all his glory. Whether you follow the original hues or decide to experiment with your own color combinations, these princess and the frog color activities give you the freedom to customize Prince Naveen your way.

These coloring pictures offer a straightforward and therapeutic method to unwind while paying homage to your favorite Disney characters. Craft, color, and create memories with these printables that are perfect for a fun-filled family activity or a quiet afternoon of self-expression.

Your Essential Guide to Princess and the Frog Color Activities

Injecting a dash of creativity into your kids’ entertainment has never been easier with our array of princess and the frog color activities. Inspire your children to bring life to their favorite characters from Princess Tiana’s magical world with these enjoyable activities. Whether they are transforming printable princess and the frog coloring pages into vibrant artworks or engaging in innovative coloring games, such experiences can serve to enrich a child’s artistic abilities and imagination.

Princess and the frog coloring activities

Widely loved by children for their blend of fun and learning, the princess and the frog coloring sheets offer a step into broadening a young mind’s creative skills. Children enjoy the process of manipulating colors, leading to enhanced artistic skills and cognitive development. As they immerse themselves in these activities, they also become more connected with the deeper messages of the story such as love, transformation, character growth and ambition.

The Disney universe, with its enchanting narratives and captivating characters, provides endless resources for exciting and enjoyable color activities that children can’t get enough of. Here’s a few examples of how you can make the most out of the princess and the frog color activities:

  1. Coloring Pages: Hand your child a page featuring their favorite characters and watch them change a black-and-white image into a colorful one.
  2. Story Narration: Encourage your child to narrate the story as they colour, fostering both creativity and communication skills.
  3. Pretend Play: After your child has finished coloring, these characters can come to life through pretend play, serving to stimulate the imagination further.

By integrating these delightful princess and the frog color activities into your child’s routine, you are providing them the opportunity to develop their focus, creativity and learning abilities in an enjoyable manner. So grab those coloring sheets, equip your little artist with their crayons, and let their creativity shine!

Princess and the Frog Color Book: A Collection of Delight

For young artists and fans of this iconic Disney tale, the Princess and the Frog coloring book offers more than an array of delightful pictures. It provides a golden invitation to breathe life into a cherished story using a palette of vibrant colors, bringing the magic of New Orleans and its memorable characters to your living room.

princess and the frog coloring book

Bringing the Story to Life through Colors

From Tiana’s beautiful gowns to Naveen’s charming frog appearance, this coloring book depicts a kaleidoscope of exciting scenes and characters. As they navigate through the pages, children learn about the storyline, setting, and characters. This artistic activity serves as an engaging tool for cognitive development and helps in honing fine motor skills.

Coloring as a Pathway to Learning and Fun

The princess and the frog art print within the coloring book offer kids a fun and educational pathway to learning. While filling their favorite characters with hues of their choice, kids also grasp storytelling, interpretation, and color perception. This light-hearted pastime seamlessly amalgamates amusement and learning, mirroring the colorful journey of Tiana and Prince Naveen.

Experience the Joy of Coloring with Princess and the Frog Coloring Book

Princess and the Frog Coloring Book

Rediscover the joy of coloring with our beautiful Princess and the Frog Coloring Book. Bursting with pages featuring your favorite characters and scenes from the beloved tale, this exclusive book provides a creative avenue that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages.

Engulfed in the world of enchanting characters, kids will experience evergreen happiness, as they bring the captivating scenes from the Princess and the Frog to life. Be it Tiana in her lovely gowns, the charming Prince Naveen in his frog form, or the charismatic characters like Louis and Ray; the exclusive set of Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages offers endless possibilities for your little artists to play with their imagination.

As a therapeutic activity, coloring not only helps in boosting concentration levels but also acts as a creative outlet that aids in the development of fine motor skills. The serene ambiance it creates offers a playful escape into a world of fantasy and color, enticing children as well as adults into spending hours filled with fun and creativity.

Be it a rainy afternoon or a family get-together, the Princess and the Frog Color Book is the perfect companion for those cozy indoor days. So why wait? Immerse yourself into the world of creativity and see the magic unfold, one page at a time.

Creating Memorable Moments with Princess and the Frog Coloring Pictures

Encouraging artistic exploration, Princess and the Frog coloring pictures allow fans to bring the well-loved film to life in their unique style. With these coloring pages, each moment transforms into a personalized keepsake, brimming with color, creativity, and, most importantly, fond memories of a cherished Disney classic.

Princess and the Frog Art Print

Capturing Naveen’s Charismatic Presence

Prince Naveen’s charm and charisma are a standout aspect of the story, an element that fans can bring forth on paper. With Princess and the Frog art print, reliving Naveen’s enchanting transformation and memorable moments has never been so colorful – rendering each stroke of the crayon or dash of paint a step closer to capturing the prince’s unforgettable character.

Reliving the Humor with Louis and Ray

Every laugh and chuckle with the endearing characters Louis the Alligator and Ray the Firefly is an opportunity to lighten the canvas. Princess and the Frog coloring sheets not only offer a platform for fans to appreciate these humorous characters but also allow them to redefine and relive these moments with their creative twist, embodying the heart and humor of the magical tale.

In conclusion, the journey with Princess and the Frog coloring pictures is an artistic venture into the whimsical world of New Orleans, its music, magic, and memorable characters. By engaging with these intricate coloring sheets, fans can truly etch the essence of this Disney classic-at-heart onto their bespoke artwork.

Printable Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages for Parties and Playdates

Bring your children’s parties and playdates to life with printable Princess and the Frog coloring pages. These fun and creative pages are not just a thrilling pastime – they’re an opportunity for youngsters to express their creativity, collaborate and engage with their favorite Disney characters.Printable Princess and the Frog Coloring Book Pages

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, an afterschool playdate, or just a quiet afternoon at home, include a Princess and the Frog coloring activity in your itinerary. The young artists can create their own versions of Tiana, Prince Naveen and the enchanting New Orleans atmosphere, using their imagination to add their twist to their favorite scenes.

Coloring is more than just an engaging activity. As children navigate through the images, they enhance their motor skills, recognition of different color palettes, and storyboard creation. They can cultivate a love for the timeless Disney narrative and create something they can be proud of.

Including a Princess and the Frog coloring book in your playdates and parties also adds an element of education to their entertainment, encouraging children to learn about art, storytelling, and creativity in an enjoyable setting.

  • Provide a variety of coloring pages based on their favorite moments from the movie
  • Encourage children to narrate the story as they color
  • Display their artwork and create a mini art gallery at home

Their masterpieces could be a wonderful keepsake, showcasing their evolving artistic abilities and cherished memories. So, why not spark their ingenuity and imagination with printable Princess and the Frog coloring sheets? After all, there is a world of enchanting colors waiting to be explored, right at the tip of their coloring pencils!

Crafting Memories: Turning Coloring Pages into Keepsakes

Your child’s princess and the frog coloring sheets can be more than just a one-off activity. They can become cherished keepsakes and delightful decorations – tangible testaments to your child’s creativity. This process of transforming simple princess and the frog coloring pages into mementos not only elicits joy but also cultivates a sense of accomplishment and pride in kids. Let’s explore how to bring this concept to life.

princess and the frog color activities

From Coloring Sheets to Comical Frog Art

Princess and the Frog coloring sheets can be the first step towards creating comical frog art. Imagine turning a simple coloring sheet into a humorous frog made of paper plates! A dash of creativity and a touch of craft materials are all it takes to transform your kid’s coloring page into a piece of decorative art. This process not only stimulates your child’s imaginative skill but also allows their artistic talent to shine through.

Party Favors and Decorations with a Personal Touch

Coloring activities often result in masterpieces that are too good to be tucked away. Why not make them the highlight of your kid’s next party? Use the completed princess and the frog coloring pages as party decorations or favors. This not only adds a personal touch to the event but also show off your child’s artistic excellence to their friends. It’s a win-win situation – kids enjoy their coloring sessions, and the outcome doubles up as party decor.

All in all, princess and the frog color activities coupled with craft projects can be a fun and rewarding journey for kids, helping them to learn and grow while creating wonderful keepsakes. Try it out, and witness the transformation!

The Essence of Joy: Princess and the Frog Color Activities for Kids

Welcome to a world of color and creativity, where children can express their artistic abilities through a variety of fun and engaging activities inspired by the beloved Disney film, Princess and the Frog. These activities, which range from simple coloring tasks to more advanced craft projects, provide children with an opportunity to engage in storytelling, celebrate their favorite characters, and enhance their overall experience.

One of the key delights is the Princess and the Frog coloring book. This resource allows kids to bring their favorite scenes from the movie to life using a rainbow of colors. The book contains high-quality, printable coloring pages that are perfect for children of all ages and skill levels. With countless images to choose from, these coloring pages will keep kids entertained for hours.

Princess and the Frog coloring book

In addition to the coloring book, there are also a range of other princess and the frog color activities. These include craft projects such as creating paper dolls of the characters, making beautiful crowns and tiaras inspired by the movie’s regal theme, and designing charming amphibious creatures through cut-out templates and vibrant colors. These playful projects allow children to step into Tiana’s world and craft their own unique creations, stimulating imaginative play and developing essential fine motor skills.

Indeed, these color activities promise endless fun, allowing children to explore their creativity, engage with the enchanting narrative, and immerse themselves in a world of magic, charm, and color. So let your child’s imagination soar with these delightful Princess and the Frog color activities. In no time at all, they’ll be creating their own colorful masterpieces, inspired by the enchanting world of this beloved Disney classic.

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages

Discover the magic of Disney’s enchanting tale with an array of high-quality Princess and the Frog coloring pages. Offering accessibility and quality without the need for memberships or subscriptions, these pages make it possible for parents and children alike to embark on a colorful journey through the charming world of the Princess and the Frog. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of locating, selecting, and downloading your desired coloring pages.

Downloading Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages

Accessing High-Resolution Coloring Pages

Navigating through a trove of coloring pages can be overwhelming but fret not. Here are the simplified steps to lead you straight to the treasure of fun and creativity:

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the search term – ‘Princess and the Frog coloring pages’.
  2. View the results to find a source with a variety of high-resolution, free printable coloring pages.
  3. Select your desired images and you’re all set for the download process.

Paper Compatibility and Printing Tips

Paper is an essential aspect of bringing your artwork to life. To ensure optimal coloring experience and professional-looking results, consider these guidelines:

  1. Ensure your printer settings are configured to standard US letter or A4 paper sizes for optimal printing results.
  2. Always use a high-quality printer with sufficient ink to capture the intricate details of the coloring pages.
  3. Print a test sheet to verify the clarity and quality of the printout before proceeding with the remaining pages.

In conclusion, with the ability to download Princess and the Frog art print, coloring activities become a lot hassle-free and immediate fun. Now, just turn on your printer and let your child dive into the magical realm of color!

Tiana’s World Awaits: Get Your Free Princess and the Frog Coloring Sheets

Welcome to the vibrant world of Princess Tiana! Here, the magic of Disney’s iconic film “The Princess and the Frog” comes alive through our unique, high-quality, and entirely free princess and the frog coloring sheets. The musicality of New Orleans’ jazz, the mysticism of the bayou, and of course, Tiana’s dream of owning her very own restaurant are beautifully captured to offer a stimulating coloring experience.

Princess and the Frog coloring sheet

Discover the Excitement of Tiana’s Adventures

Take your young artists on a journey through Tiana’s world. Our princess and the frog coloring pages are designed to nurture their artistic skills while they get engrossed in the thrilling adventures of Tiana and her friends. From the colorful bayou backdrop to the festivities of Mardi Gras, every scene provides a comprehensive feel of the story, sparking creativity while encouraging a deeper engagement with the film.

From Screen to Paper: The Joy of Coloring

We believe the joy of watching Princess Tiana’s inspiring journey should not be confined to the screen. Our goal is to inspire children to reach beyond the screen and personally engage with the story through their creativity. By converting memorable sequences into a princess and the frog art print, we empower children to transform blank pages into their personal artwork, filled with their choice of colors and personal interpretations.

No matter if they are first-time colorists or seasoned little artists, adding their personal touch to these coloring sheets will surely extend the joy of the film into a tangible artistic endeavor.

Coloring Sheet Scene Description
Princess Tiana in her Restaurant Tiana in her dream restaurant, inviting young artists to add their vision of Tiana’s dream come true.
Prince Naveen’s Transformation The crucial scene depicting Prince Naveen’s transformation, a perfect canvas for experimental coloring.
The Jazz-filled Streets of New Orleans Capturing the musical vibrancy and lively colors of the city, this sheet allows young artists to experiment with a vibrant palette.
The Magical Bayou A backdrop of the magical bayou serves as a great exercise in coloring landscapes filled with mystery and enchantment.


In an ever-evolving digital landscape, one can find solace in the nostalgia and magic that Princess and the Frog coloring pages bring. An enriching activity for both children and Disney enthusiasts, these unique, printable pages present an avenue of artistic exploration. The animated world of Tiana, Naveen, and their whimsical friends is suddenly at the tips of your colored pencils, waiting to be brought to life with hues of your choice.

The many benefits this pastime offers are impressive. Working on Princess and the Frog coloring sheets encourages fine motor skill development, as children maneuver their coloring tools to fill in intricate designs. They learn to understand shapes and boundaries, picking up the nuances of color blending and shading along the way. Skills honed in this process are more than just creative, they contribute to cognitive development, paving the way for better handwriting, and even stronger focus and concentration in academics.

Engaging with these coloring resources is far more than a peaceful pastime. It builds an experiential connection for children and lovers of the timeless Disney narrative. With each stroke of color, they become a part of Tiana’s world, reimagining the New Orleans’ jazz scenery, the mystique of the bayou, and the unyielding bravery and perseverance of our protagonist. There’s something deeply endearing about turning simple black and white outlines into a vibrant masterpiece. Children have the unique ability to see beyond the ‘realistic’, fostering creativity and individuality in abundance. So go on, plunge into this magical realm where every picture speaks a story and every color sings a song!


Where can I download Princess and the Frog coloring pages?

You can download the Princess and the Frog coloring pages from our website. The high-resolution PDF format is tailored to be compatible with both standard US letter and A4 paper sizes, allowing for easy printing at home.

What coloring activities are available in the Princess and the Frog color book?

Our Princess and the Frog color book offers a wide range of coloring activities, including scenes of Tiana and Naveen’s dance under the starry night, the cunning Dr. Facilier, the lively Alligator Louis, plus much more. Children can explore their creativity and appreciation for the story’s themes of courage and perseverance while coloring.

How can I transform the coloring pages into keepsakes?

With some craft supplies and imagination, coloring pages can easily be transformed into personalized keepsakes. Crafts such as comical frog art made from paper plates, or unique party favors are some great ways to turn your coloring activity into tangible, memorable items.

Are the Princess and the Frog coloring pages suitable for parties and playdates?

Absolutely! Printable Princess and the Frog coloring pages can serve as a fun and interactive activity during parties and playdates. They provide a themed activity for children to collaborate and showcase their creativity, immersing them in the vibrant world of Disney’s New Orleans.

Are there any benefits of coloring for children?

Yes, coloring has multiple benefits for children. It not only nurtures their creativity but also helps in developing their motor skills and appreciation for storytelling. It also enhances their recognition of different color palettes and intricate designs, fostering their overall development.

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