Roblox Coloring Pages

Roblox is an app that lets you play video games designed by other people. It’s free to download everything from smartphones, tablets to the latest game consoles.

In addition to playing the games, each person has their own character which they can then customize either through buying clothes with real money or by unlocking items in the games that they play.

We are currently adding new Roblox coloring pages to the site.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our most popular coloring pages below.

Quiz About Roblox

What does the name Roblox actually mean?

Answer: It’s a combination of the words “robot” and blocks

What is the name of the in-game currency?

Answer: Robux

What was the original name of Roblox?

Answer: Dyna blocks

How many hats can a character wear at once in Roblox?

Answer: 3

How many people play Roblox every month?

Answer: 30,000,000

Interesting Facts About Roblox

  • It’s been around since 2006
  • It wasn’t always called Roblox. It was originally called Dynablocks
  • You can create your own games. And even get paid for it!
  • David Baszucki created Roblox
  • It even has its own coding language called Lua


Quotes About Roblox

  • “Riot by breaking into the armory.” — Robloxia Kid
  • “Right when I started thinking that was when the tide turned, and for the worse.” — Robloxia Kid
  • “That this wasn’t her first time. Nope, she didn’t look like a doofus.” — Robloxia Kid
  • “Hello, y’all! It’s everyone’s favorite Roblox hero, Noob.” — Robloxia Kid
  • “Would you just shut up and jump already?!” — Robloxia Kid


Funny Roblox Jokes

What do snowmen eat for breakfast?


What do u call a poop that has a color yellow?

A custurd

Why are graveyards always noisy?

Cuzz off all the coffin

What do u call a belt with a clock on it?

A waist of time

What did the shell say to the phone?

A shell phone!


Roblox Coloring pages on Amazon

  • Roblox Coloring – 40 coloring pages: Features 40 pages with Roblox illustrations to color. All pages are different and feature popular Roblox characters and scenes from Roblox games such as Meep City, Mad City, Work at a pizza place, and Jailbreak.
  • Roblox Ultimate Coloring: Packed with 55 coloring pages with Roblox illustrations – Perfect for creative young minds and Roblox lovers! Color fun characters and scenes from popular Roblox games such as Mad City, Meep City, Adopt Me, Jailbreak, Dungeon Quest, and Work at a pizza place.
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