Pusheen Coloring Pages

Pusheen is a tubby tabby cat who brings smiles and laughter to people all around the world. She became famous through her animated comics and GIFs. Pusheen was created in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff for a comic strip on their website, Everyday Cute.

We are currently adding new Pusheen coloring pages to the site.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our most popular coloring pages below.

Quiz About Pusheen

When is Pusheen’s birthday?

Answer: February 18th

What is Pusheen’s best feature, in her own opinion?

Answer: Toes that look like beans

How many dark gray stripes does Pusheen have?

Answer: 8

What is Pusheen’s least favorite food?

Answer: Broccoli

Where is Pusheen’s favorite place to sleep?

Answer: Literally anywhere

Interesting Facts About Pusheen

  • Pusheen’s name is based upon the Irish word for a kitten, puisín
  • Pusheen is a fat kitty that eats allot like she weighs a ton
  • She loves her parents. Her mom loves purses and dad love his mustache
  • She hates tuna
  • She is lazy
  • She loves snuggles

Source: https://kittenrules.com/10-facts-about-pusheen/

Quotes About Pusheen

  • “Pusheen is easily the most charming of all Internet cats!” – Anthony Clark, Nedroid.com
  • “Pusheen is a little bouncy marshmallow of a cat who perfectly combines absolute cuteness and absolute trouble, which is, as all cat lovers know, why we love them.” – Jess Fink, author of “We Can Fix It”
  • “Everyone needs a little Pusheen in their lives!” – Dorky Girl, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Cats are awesome, but Pusheen is Super Awesome.” – Archie McPhee’s Geyser of Awesome
  • “My cat seems to have read Pusheen’s book and taken this advice to heart.” – Kelly, OhtheBooks.com
  • “Pusheen is more than just an illustration. Pusheen is my spirit animal.” – Samantha Chiu, Pusheen fan

Source: https://kittenrules.com/the-best-quotes-about-pusheen/

Other Pusheen Coloring Pages on Amazon

  • Pusheen Coloring Book: The Internet’s favorite chubby, tubby tabby is back in a purr-fectly cute coloring book featuring adorable kitty drawings that will charm cat lovers and coloring book fans everywhere!
  • Mini Pusheen Coloring Book: Pusheen returns in a delightful, miniature coloring book with one-sided, perforated pages for fans of I Am Pusheen the Cat.
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