Magical Fairy Tale Fairies Coloring Pages

There are four Fairytale fairies and they are Julia the Sleeping Beauty Fairy, Eleanor the Snow White Fairy, Faith the Cinderella Fairy, and Lacey the Little Mermaid Fairy.

In the U.S. version, there are three additional fairies: Rita the Frog Princess Fairy, Gwen the Beauty and the Beast Fairy, and Aisha the Princess and the Pea Fairy. They are helpers of Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy.

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Quiz About the Magical Fairy tale fairies

What does Julia wear?

Answer: She wears a pretty purple dress and has red hair piled into a bun.

Without Eleanor’s magic, what will happen to the characters in snow white?

Answer: The characters in Snow White will be transported to the human world.

Who is the mermaid fairy?

Answer: Lacey

What does Lacey wear?

Answer: She wears a gold cropped t-shirt and has a long purple mermaid tail.

What does Aisha wear?

Answer: Aisha has black cornrows and wears a pink shirt with a matching pink skirt.

Interesting Facts About the Magical Fairy tale fairies

  • Fairytales will be ruined without the fairies’ magic
  • It is the second UK series to have 4 fairies, as well the last U.S. series to have 7 fairies
  • It is also the only series that has a different number of books between its UK and U.S. releases
  • All the fairies (except Lacey) wear dresses
  • The Fabulous Fairy Annual 2016 features fact files on all 4 fairies


Quotes About the Magical Fairy tale fairies

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