Bullmastiff Dog Coloring Pages

The Bullmastiff breed is a strong and fearless family guardian. While aggressive toward strangers, they’ve got a soft spot for their loved ones. Usually called the “silent watchdog,” this breed is nonetheless so mellow that they make great apartment dogs.

Quiz About Bullmastiff Dog Breed

What other two breeds originally make up the Bullmastiff?

Answer: Bulldog and Mastiff

Which of the following is not a type of mastiff: Dogue De Bordeaux, Canadian, Cane Corso, English?

Answer: Canadian

Which AKC group does the Bullmastiff belong to?

Answer: Working

Which movie features a Bullmastiff?

Answer: See Spot Run

What is the typical life expectancy, in years, of a Bullmastiff?

Answer: 8 to 10

Interesting Facts About the Bullmastiff Breed

  • They were bred to be guard dogs
  • They don’t bark… or bite
  • They don’t need as much exercise as you would think
  • John d. Rockefeller brought them to the united states
  • One bullmastiff is an NFL mascot

Source: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/lifestyle/7-bullmastiff-facts/

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