Beautiful Fairies Coloring Pages

Beautiful fairies are beautiful mystical creatures that are believed to be made after a kind of angel. Fairies come up in many fictional books such as “Peter Pan” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles”.

Myths and stories about fairies do not have a single origin but are rather a collection of folk beliefs from different sources.

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Quiz About Beautiful Fairies

What is a fairy ring?

Answer:  A circle of toadstools or mushrooms

In E. Nesbit’s Five Children and It, the Psammead is which kind of fairy?

Answer: A sand fairy

Which girls’ name means ‘fairy’ — Fiona, Freya, Fay, or Florence?

Answer: Fay

Which famous writer was convinced the Cottingley fairies photographs were genuine?

Answer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Which modern fantasy book does Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell make an appearance in?

Answer: Inkheart by Cornelia Funk

Interesting Facts About Beautiful Fairies

  • Fairies don’t like iron.
  • Fairies love all things sparkly.
  • Fairies expect good manners, but they loathe being thanked.
  • Fairies don’t like bread or salt.
  • Fairies love music.


Beautiful Fairy Quotes

  • “Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels.  But their magic sparkles in nature.” — Lynn Holland
  • “Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!” — Author Unknown
  • “Fairies glitter our hearts with giggles.” — Terri Guillemets
  • “Each fairy breath of summer, as it blows with loveliness, inspires the blushing rose.” — Author Unknown
  • “We call them faerie. We don’t believe in them. Our loss.” — Charles de Lint


Funny Jokes About Beautiful Fairies

Why is the tooth fairy so smart?

Answer: because she has wisdom teeth!

Who helped fisherella get to the ball?

Answer: her fairy codmother

Why did queen kate go to the dentist?

Answer: she had to get her teeth crowned!

Why did the fairy play football?

Answer: because she was fairy sportable!

What did the fairy say to the other fairy?

Answer: it’s fairy nice to meet you!


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